Dissertation Grants Awarded in 2016

The 2016 UCCONNECT Dissertation Grants were selected in March 2016 through a competitive peer review process that involved top academics in the nation. In this year's call, the center received 15 proposals, 10 of which have been selected for final awards.

Advanced doctoral candidates who anticipate completing their work in the coming one or two semesters, were given smaller awards of $3,000 and $5,000. All other awardees who anticipated more than a year until completion of their dissertations were given larger awards in the amount of $7,500. 

The following is a list of the awarded students and their dissertation topics:

Making Bicycle Demand Models Policy Relevant and Accurate.
Tim Brathwaite, UC Berkeley (Adviser: Joan Walker)

The Influence of Environmental Policy on Regionalism in Transportation Planning.
Jaimee Lederman, UCLA (Adviser: Martin Wachs)

Travel Behavior Dynamics in Space and Time.
Jae Lee, UC Santa Barbara (Adviser: Kostas Goulias)

Optimal cracking threshold resurfacing policies in asphalt pavement management to minimize costs and emissions.
Allan Ogwang, UC Berkeley (Adviser: Arpad Horvath & Samer Madanat)

Using heterogeneous demand data sources as exposure in a bycicle risk model.
Frank Proulx, UC Berkeley (Adviser: Alexey Pozdnukhov)

Integrated Smart Eco-driving Assist System for Plug-in Electric Vehicles In Connected Vehicle Environment.
Xuewei Qi, UC Riverside (Adviser: Matt Barth)

Effects of Segregating Buses and Cars in a Congested, Non-Steady State Network.
Nathalie Saade, UC Berkeley (Adviser: Michael Cassidy)

Crystal Balls and Black Boxes: Policy effects on Optimism in Ridership and Cost Forecasts for New Starts Projects.
Carole Voulgaris, UCLA (Adviser: Brian Taylor)

Bunching in curbside parking and heavy tails in search time.
Parker Williams, UC Riverside (Adviser: Richard Arnott)

Modeling Uncertainty and Information in Transportation Systems.
Jiangbo Yu, UC Irvine (Adviser: Jay Jayakrishnan)