Modeling and control of HOT lanes

Modeling and control of HOT lanes
PI: Roberto Horowitz, UC Berkeley 

Abstract: Proper operation of High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and High Occupancy or Tolled (HOT) lanes requires the combination of both, efficient supply and demand management. We propose to develop a macroscopic freeway simulation model with a HOT lane, which can be calibrated based on measured vehicle counts and speeds and be used in a Decision Support System (DSS), and to devise control strategies that optimize HOT lane utilization while maintaining the desired level of service and overall freeway performance. On the supply side, a calibrated macroscopic freeway model will be used to determine the desired traffic flow split ratios between the general purpose and the HOT lanes that are necessary to maintain an overall vehicle flow throughput that is close to the freeway throughput when all lanes are general purpose lanes, while maintaining the HOT lane in free flow as long as possible. On the demand side, pricing strategies will be implemented for single occupancy vehicles to enter the HOT lane, which attempt to enforce, whenever possible, these desired split ratios.

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