California Integrated Border Approach Strategy, Phase 2

California Integrated Border Approach Strategy, Phase 2
PI: Karen Tranpenberg Frick, UC Berkeley

Summary: This research effort aims to provide advice to address solutions related to multi-agency planning and innovative project delivery to overcome funding shortages and individual agency limitations to improve multimodal regional mobility at communities abutting the State’s international border with Mexico.  While there are a number of federal, State, and local agencies that work in border communities, there are no formalized, collaborative strategies to implement projects that go “beyond the mandate” of individual agencies.   The California border region needs a multi-institutional border mechanism capable to serve as the lead coordinating entity for strategic planning, project delivery, and funding partnerships to address regional mobility needs at California’s border communities. The California Integrated Border Approach Study (CA-IBAS) seeks to propose this mechanism.

The CA-IBAS has been divided in two phases. Phase 2 of this Study builds upon the outcomes and findings from Phase 1.

Phase 2 of the CA-IBAS Study will:

  1. Describe the existing mobility conditions and challenges at each of California’s border communities abutting international land Ports of Entry (POEs).
  2. Propose to the State of California different alternatives of intra-agency collaboration to serve California’s international border with Mexico.
  3. Propose the required legal operating frameworks for a future intra-agency structure.
  4. Develop innovative joint mechanisms for planning, funding, financing, and project delivery at California’s border communities.
  5. Provide 5 year concept of operations for a new intra-agency border collaboration mechanism.


Click on the links below to download any of the quarterly progress reports already finished.

Quarterly progress report for the fourth quarter of FY 2014-15.

Quarterly progress report for the first quarter of FY 2015-16.

Quarterly progress report for the second quarter of FY 2015-16.

Quarterly progress report for the third quarter of FY 2015-16. 

Final Report. (Appendices)