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Issue 51, Spring 2017

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After publishing digital copies since its founding in 1992, and also publishing online since 1998, ACCESS will become entirely digital starting with this issue. The goal of ACCESS remains the same: to make transportation research useful for policymakers and practitioners. More thoughts on our goals and work in this issue's introduction. In this Issue:

Subways, Strikes, and Slowdowns
Michael L. Anderson 

The congestion-relief benefits of transit in the LA metro area are worth over $1 billion per year.

The Hidden Cost of Bundled Parking 
C.J. Gabbe and Greg Pierce

Parking requirements are an equity issue; US carless renters spend $440 million per year on garage parking they don't use for car storage. 

Is Travel Really That Bad? 
Eric Morris 

You spend a lot of time and money traveling: is it worth it? Research suggests that going places increases your quality of life. 

Ridesourcing's Impact and Role in Urban Transportation 
Susan Shaheen, Nelson Chan, and Lisa Rayle 

Data from San Francisco show ridesourcing may bring mobility to passengers quicker than traditional taxis. 

Parking Benefit Districts in China 
Donald Shoup, Quan Yuan, and Xin Jiang

Parking Benefit Districts can efficiently manage on-street parking and equitably finance public services. 

THE ACCESS ALMANAC: Traffic Congestion is Counter-Intuitive and Fixable 
Brian Taylor 

Just when we need the most out of our road system, it performs at its worth. Roadway pricing can solve this problem.

Thanks to all our readers for valuing the importance of translating academic research into readable prose. 

Donald Shoup
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