Research Projects, Faculty RFP 2015-16

In January 2015, the UCCONNECT Faculty Research Grants for FY 2015-16 were awarded. The selection involved a competitive peer-review of all submitted proposals. Seventy leading faculty and practitioners in transportation related fields as well as a great number of Caltrans experts participated in this effort. UCCONNECT received 22 proposals and awarded 11 grants. 

The following list contains a brief mention of all the awarded proposals. For more information on a particular research proposal, click on the proposal's title.

Analyzing Spread of Influence in Social Networks for Transportation Applications
PI: Lourdes Abellera, Cal Poly, Pomona; Co-PI: Anand Panangadan, USC

From LOS to VMT, VHT and beyond through data fusion: application to integrated corridor management
PI: Alexandre Bayen, UC Berkeley

Public transportation and industrial location patterns in California
PI: Daniel Chatman

Bringing a Community Health Lens to Highway‐to‐Main Street Conversions through the Integration of Top‐Down Expert Guidance and Bottom‐Up Community Engagement
PI: Brian L. Cole, UCLA; Co-PI: Richard Jackson, UCLA

Coordinating Transit Transfers in Real Time
PI: Carlos F. Daganzo, UC Berkeley

Combining California Household Travel Survey data with harvested social media information to form a self-validating statewide origin-destination travel prediction method
PI: Kostas Goulias, UC Santa Barbara

Potential Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions from Optimizing Urban Transit Networks
PI: Samer Madanat, UC Berkeley; Co-PI: Arpad Horvath, UC Berkeley

Toward Accurate and Valid Estimates of Greenhouse Gas Reductions from Bikeway Projects
PI: Juan Matute, UCLA

The Effectiveness of State and Local Incentives on Hosehold Ownership of Alternative Fuel Vehicles - a SEM Analysis
PI: Jean-Daniel Saphores, UC Irvine

Mobile Apps and Transportation: Exploring Data Metric Potential and User Response to Multi-Modal Traveler Information
PI: Susan Shaheen, UC Berkeley

What can a bike lane do? Performance metrics for proposed bicycle infrastructure
PI: Joan Walker, UC Berkeley; Co-PI: Offer Grembek, UC Berkeley