Research Projects, Faculty RFP 2017-18

The UCCONNECT Faculty Research Grants for FY 2017-18 were awarded in November 2016. The selection process was based on the feedback obtained in an external peer-review. More than eighty world-leading faculty and practitioners in transportation related fields as well as a great number of Caltrans subject matter experts participated in this effort. UCCONNECT received a total of 25 proposals in this call and made 7 awards. 

The following list contains a brief mention of all the awarded proposals. To obtain more information on a particular project, click on its title.

Who's in the Driver's Seat?  The Division of Car Use in Auto-Deficit Households
PI: Evelyn Blumenberg, UCLA

Bicycle Infrastructure and Business District Change
PI: Karen Chapple, UC Berkeley

Investigation of Multimodal Crashes using Full Bayesian Mulivariate Spatial-Temportal Models
PI: Wen Cheng, Cal Poly Pomona 

Analysis of Comprehensive Multi-modal Shared Travel Systems with Transit, Rideshare, Carshare and Bikeshare Options
PI: Ray Jayakrishnan, UCI

Control and Management of Urban Traffic Networks with Mixed Autonomy
PI: Ramtin Pedarsani, UC Santa Barbara 

Travel Demand Nowcasting
PI: Alexey Pozdnukhov, UC Berkeley

Safe Operation of Automated Vehicles in Intersections
PI: Pravin Varaiya, UC Berkeley