UCCONNECT 2016 Awarded Dissertations

This section contains a list of dissertations awarded to a select group of researchers whose works were the most fascinating and groundbreaking. 

The following dissertations have been awarded to researchers within our consortium:

Making Bicycle Demand Models Policy Relevant and Accurate

Author: Timothy Brathwaite, UC Berkeley 


The Influence of Environmental Policy on Regionalism in Transportation Planning

Author: Jaimee Lederman, UCLA


Travel Behavior Dynamics in Space and Time

Author: Jae Lee, UCSB


Optimal Cracking Threshold Resurfacing Policies in Asphalt Pavement Management to Minimize Costs and Emissions

Author: Allan Ogwang, UC Berkeley 


Using Heterogeneous Demand Data Sources as Exposure in a Bicycle Risk Model

Author: Frank Proulx, UC Berkeley


Integrated Smart Eco-Driving Assist System for Plug-In Electric Vehicles In Connected Vehicle Environment

Author: Xuewei Qi, UCR


Effects of Segregating Buses and Cars in a Congested, Non-Steady State Network

Author: Nathalie Saade, UC Berkeley


Crystal Balls and Black Boxes: Policy effects on Optimism in Ridership and Cost Forecasts for New Starts Projects

Author: Carole Voulgaris, UCLA


Bunching in Curbside Parking and Heavy Tails in Search Time

Author: Parker Williams, UCR


Modeling Uncertainty and Information in Transportation Systems

Author: Jiangbo Yu, UCI