Workforce Development

UCCONNECT supports conferences, symposia and workshops.  We hold an annual conference that brings graduate and undergraduate students from throughout the region together with faculty and professionals to share research findings and discuss the state of the art in professional practice. In addition, we also sponsor two smaller and more focused workshops each year.  The purpose is to bring together practitioners and researchers around topics that are selected in partnership with Caltrans, advancing the region's top priorities.  For this endeavor, we also seek to work collaboratively with university researchers in other states within Region 9. 

Finally, UCCONNECT is partnering with the Technology Transfer program at UC Berkeley’s Institute of Transportation Studies.  Berkeley’s Tech Transfer program is beautifully positioned to support our Center’s aims, because the program is already established as the prime source of professional training and expert assistance for the transport community throughout the region.  Its network of live classes, distance learning, seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences reaches over 15,000 transport professionals in and around California.  Last year alone it hosted over 80 transport-related training events to more than 2,500 participants.